How to choose the hob for your restaurant: the definitive guide

How to choose the hob for your restaurant: the definitive guide

Every restaurant shouls feature a good professional hob, as it has to help the chef during each preparation step, thus reducing spaces and saving times.

It is necessary to carefully consider which hob to buy for your professional kitchen, as it is a crucial product, which shall be efficient, resistant, and functional.

Here's how to choose the best hob for your restaurant, which model best suits your needs, and what characteristics it should have.

Professional electric and gas hob: the differences

Professional hobs can be gas and electric: both have advantages and different specs. Let's look at them in detail.

Professional gas hobs

Professional gas hobs are popular in the professional field, feature excellent quality, and are long-lasting. They have cast iron burners that provide a lively flame, require minimal maintenance costs, and are cheaper than electric hobs. In this case, the installation of an extractor hood is required.

The advantages of professional gas hobs are:

  • a lively flame;

  • high-quality components thanks also to the use of the materials they are made of;

  • costs saving;

  • economical and low maintenance;;

  • durability over time.

Professional electric hobs

Electric hobs are safer than gas hobs and very easy to clean. Various models with multiple advantages are available:

  • the flame is not free, so they are safer in a work environment;
  • an extractor hood is not required;
  • the dispersion of power is minimal compared to the standard gas hobs;
  • professional electric hobs are very innovative, made of easy-to-clean materials, such as glass-ceramic.

Depth and power supply

Professional hobs for restaurants must have an adequate depth according to the spaces and needs of each kitchen. Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the type of power supply and choose the solution closest to your needs.

Professional electric and gas cookers might include an oven and feature a precise distance between the burners, thus allowing to use of even large pots. The depth can vary between 65, 70, 90, or 110 cm.

The power supply can be gas or electric: two different solutions that can provide the right professionalism for a catering hobs.

Scopri subito le nostre cucine professionali a cottura modulare con piani di cottura professionali a gas o elettrici.