Where quality merges with advanced technology in a perfect balance.

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Powerful and solid, Silko Extreme is ideal for the most challenging restaurant services, where efficiency and flexibility are at the service of the needs of those who work in this sector.

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High quality, maximum productivity

Extreme completes the traditionally equipped kitchen to increase its production capacity and expand the variety of the daily menu. Ideal for fast food, production centers and restaurant chains, it combines maximum production efficiency with the quality of a product built to last over time. The best production standards are guaranteed thanks to technological systems that allow you to control time and temperature with the utmost precision.


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Our history is our heritage

The evolution always has its origin in the past. Silko’s heritage is based on a long tradition animated by the passion and dedication to a successful project. These are the factors that continue to inspire our designers, who with competence and vision, created Silko Extreme.

Fast and accessible technical assistance and maintenance

The range consists of six free-standing models. Easy of operations are the main features of the project. An innovative opening allows easy access to components of the machinery. Reduced intervention and maintenance times contribute to decreased management costs.


Ergonomy and performance

Expert chefs have supported our engineers in the development of the range of products in order to optimize performance and to fully meet the needs of those working in the kitchen. For this reason, Silko Extreme offers ergonomic and simple to use machines, able to facilitate the flow and increase productivity in the kitchen, reducing the time for cleaning and maintenance.


Wide range of accessories are available for Extreme models


Frying, grilling and many other ways of cooking with Extreme models line, high performances, solid and powerful kitchens created for who don't want to settle for compromises.