Products and supplies
for professional kitchens

For more than forty years, Silko has been providing its customers with a wide range of professional and reliable kitchens and equipment specifically designed for the preparation, storage and distribution of food.

The company offers solutions for every step of the dish preparation: the storage of the ingredients through refrigeration equipment, cooking in special ovens, food chilling through cells and tools washing.

Technological and functional items to make the space available productive and well-organized, and everything at your fingertips.

Silko offers a range of products and supplies fundamental for your kitchen, thus complementing it and meeting the needs of all types of catering.


Professional stainless
steel kitchen furniture

Silko offers sinks, cupboard tables, shelves, hanging shelves and a complete range of professional kitchen furniture, thus ensuring the best comfort.

Silko provides versatile and flexible solutions: each offers ara adaptable to any type of environment, both large or small, to make your workspace as functional and comfortable as possible.

Never forget perfect hygiene. Cleaning operations are simplified thanks to Silko details.

Arredamento cucine professionali in acciaio inox

Professional refrigerated
cabinets and tables

Storing food is crucial for the preparation of a dish. A constant temperature control guarantees and safeguards the organoleptic characteristics of the food. The wide range of refrigerated cabinets and tables allow you to find the most suitable product for your business. The whole Silko refrigeration range has been tested and designed to guarantee maximum performance and low consumption, positioning the brand at the highest levels of its category, thus respecting high standards of sustainability and environmental impact.

Professional multipurpose ovens

High performance, reliability, modularity and efficiency are the characteristics that distinguish Silko multipurpose ovens.

They are the perfect solution for those looking for a high-level professional oven. Silko offers three different ranges: Gastronomy ovens, Star ovens and Compact ovens.

They are functional and have a strong design and attractive shapes, highlighted by high-quality stainless steel.

That's why Silko professional multipurpose ovens should not miss in your kitchen, helping you t save space.

Forni trivalenti professionali

Professional blast chillers
for gastronomy

Silko professional blast chillers are highly technological products that should not miss in all professional kitchens. They optimize your times of production cycles without losing the quality of the raw material and improve your work organization.

Silko blast chillers quickly help food cooling, maintaining long-term freshness, flavour and safety.

Washing and cleaning equipment
for professional kitchens

Silko provides you with modern, efficient washing solutions with digital controls: glass washers, dishwashers, hood-type and rack conveyor dishwashers.

Silko offer features systems and tools conceived to improve hygiene level and save costs, always ensuring high performance.

The company proven experience in the sector guarantees ease of maintenance, safety and reliability. Each range pays attention to consumption, safety and silence during washing. Great quality and features guarantee the desired result quickly.

Attrezzature lavaggio e pulizia per cucine professionali

Refrigerated and hot food displays

Silko range suits commercial, institutional and corporate catering, offering countless products for dishes and foods display.

Hot, refrigerated, neutral and dispencers are just some of the products of this range, available in different versions and sizes and complemented by valuable accessories.

The various aesthetic and modular solutions allow you to better customize your environment for a better synergy between the kitchen and the dining room.

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