Professional kitchens furniture

Silko Preparation proposes a range of sinks, cupboard tables, shelves, hanging shelves, and everything needed to guarantee the best operating comfort.

The Silko range of furnishings for professional kitchens is placed on the market with versatile and flexible solutions that can be fully customised designed according to different needs.

Silko Preparation is intended for pizzerias, restaurants, butchers and all those catering activities that require stainless steel equipment and furnishings.

Each element adapts to any environment, making the workspace functional and comfortable. Never forget the hygiene standards! Simplify our cleaning operations through all different Silko solutions.

kitchens furniture


Worktop cupboards and specialized table

Silko pays great attention to furniture for professional kitchens through its work tables, available in different versions: specialized tables, worktops cupboards, according to your needs. Robustness, functionality and two standard depths (600-700m) are features shared by all models. Wide customisation is also possible.

Silko cupboard tables are highly appreciated to optimize the furnishing of a professional kitchen Their added value is the possibility of having preparation and storage in one place. Silko offers several models featured by hinged doors, sliding doors on one side or two sides, with doors and drawers, corner and heated.

Its proven experience in the catering sector allows Silko to develop the only best solutions. In the field of furnishings for professional kitchens, this is realized with the proposal of special work tables for meat and vegetable processing.

Tavoli da lavoro, armadiati e specialisti
Lavatoi, lavapentole e lavamani a muro

Washing sinks, pot washers and wall washbasins

In addition to work tables, Silko also offers its customers a complete line of high-quality washing sinks, pot washers and wall washbasins. These solutions offered by Silko are versatile and flexible and with the can be installed in a cupboard structure. The company also produces sinks for dishwasher insertion.

The quality and reliability of the materials and a stainless steel structure are the features that make them stand out.

The possibility of choice in the pot washer range is wide: choose among models with one or two large tanks for soaking and washing pots. The wall washbasins are practical and compact.

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Wall-mounted shelves, wall cupboards and shelving

The furniture of a professional kitchen with a view to perfect functionality should leave nothing to chance. For this reason, Silko has considered the possibility to use every space available. Not by chance, the company makes available practical smooth or grilled shelves to its customers.

Silko wall cabinets are available in different models (*open, corner, cupboards), thus providing the solution that better fits the space and needs.

In case of limited spaces or where you want to better organize your space, shelves are the most suitable solution. Smooth, perforated, and grilled shelves come in different depths according to the need and are the best solution to any space requirement. Silko shelves are functional and sturdy, can be structured to have more shelves and withstand the stresses of the weights evenly.

Ripiani pensili a parete, armadi pensili e scaffalature
Armadi neutri verticali, grigliati a pavimento, pattumiere, carrelli di servizio

Vertical cabinets, floor gratings, dustbins, service trolleys

Vertical cabinets with sliding doors, tubs with side and vertical discharge, dustbins with pedal lids and service trolleys, all in stainless steel, are available to sector professionals.

Modular preparation and washing preparation

Silko aims to exploit the flexibility of the range to offer a functional product always. A line characterized by a stainless steel structure, synonymous with sturdiness, like all the brand products. The organization of modular and washing preparation comes from listening to the customer's needs, thus developing a project that can optimize production cycles. That translates into a wide range of choices and customization.

Preparazione modulare e preparazione lavaggio

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Is Silko professional kitchens furniture made of stainless steel?

Is Silko professional kitchens furniture made of stainless steel?

Yes, all Silko products for furnishing professional kitchens are in stainless steel. The choice derives from the will to ensure high construction quality, robustness, hygiene and reliability over time.

Is it possible to have higher thicknesses of the top on request?

Is it possible to have higher thicknesses of the top on request?

Silko has a price list with many solutions to meet customer needs. Anyone wishing an even higher level of customization can contact the company through a retailer and asking for a custom-built product.

Does Silko also produce shaped custom-made tops?

Does Silko also produce shaped custom-made tops?

Silko has long understood the need to put itself at the customer's service, reversing the tendency to see the users adapting to the products available on the market. This allows those who have to buy to be able to obtain customized solutions.

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