Professional multipurpose ovens

Silko multipurpose ovens are perfect for those looking for a high-quality professional product. High performance, reliability, modularity and efficiency are the characteristics that distinguish them with high functionality and a strong design for attractive shapes featured by top-quality stainless steel. All these features allow Silko professional multipurpose ovens to be crucial for your kitchen environment.

multipurpose ovens


Gastronomy series: the highest performance

Gastronomy professional ovens feature fully automatic cooking, the creativity of manual cooking and the practicality of customisable programs.

Silko professional multipurpose ovens are characterised by reduced cooking times, high energy savings and cooking mode, to keep all food organoleptic properties. This ensures less use of condiments and healthy recipes with authentic flavours.

The range has a capacity from 7 1 / 1GN up to 40 1 / 1GN trays and includes electric and gas ovens. There are three cooking modes: convection from 30 ° C to 300 ° C, steam from 30 ° C to 130 ° C, combined convection + steam from 30 ° C to 300 ° C. It is possible to program and store cooking procedures in automatic sequence (up to 15 cycles), naming each program and adding photo and recipe information.

Gastronomy series: prestazioni ogni oltre compromesso

Hygiene and cleaning guaranteed by the
automatic washing system

Gastronomy professional multipurpose ovens feature an innovative integrated automatic washing system. A simple touch being enough to activate one of the five available programs of self-cleaning. The Eco program saves 50% of detergent that is in a cartridge inside the oven.

Semplice ed intuitivo per avere sempre tutto a portata di mano

Simple and intuitive, to always have everything on hand

T models feature a 7-inch high-definition display with capacitive technology and can be configured according to your needs, showing the programs most used by the user.

In both models, the Scroller Plus knob allows you to confirm your choices with the Scroll and Push function.

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Unleash your creativity

Gastronomy professional multipurpose ovens allow any chef to unleash their creativity. The AC automatic cooking system makes international recipes available and allows adding photos of the dishes.

The "Climate" function helps to maintain the right oven conditions: it is an automatic system for measuring and controlling the percentage of humidity in the cooking chamber.
For rapid dehumidification, the FAST-DRY® system can be used.

The multilevel cooking of Silko professional ovens allows you to simultaneously cook foods with different cooking times and signals when a pan is ready. This system also recognizes compatible recipes to help the chef.

Two different core probes allow you to check different temperatures at the same time.

Star & Compact series: Performance e risparmio energetico

Star & Compact series: Performance and energy saving

Star & Compact professional multipurpose ovens feature three cooking modes: convection, steam, and combined cooking. There are two different control configurations: electromechanical and electronic. The first is a quick and simplified version of the cooking settings, while the second allows precision and top performance.

The "Ecospeed Dynamic System" allows Star & Compact professional ovens to calibrate the energy based on the amount of food to be cooked. This function keeps the temperature constant and without fluctuations thus optimizing consumption and waste.

The range of these professional multipurpose ovens also ensures perfect cooking uniformity. This feature comes from the ""autoreverse"" function, through which you can take advantage of the automatic reversal of the direction of the fan rotation.

Complete and smart:
simplify your work!

Compact & Star professional ovens are smart products as they feature functions optimized to enhance the chefs' professionalism making their work easier. You can update the software, load and download cooking programs, and use a USB port for downloading HACCP data. Manage these features through a 2.4-inch alphanumeric LED display to check your preset programs, the menu and other settings.

Safe and resistant cooking chamber prepare your dishes

The cooking chamber of the multipurpose ovens from the Star & Compact range is perfectly smooth with rounded edges and welded in a single piece The closing door is based on double tempered glass, with an air gap and internal heat-reflecting glass for less heat radiation and greater efficiency. The internal glass with a folding opening and the opening deflector allow easy cleaning of the entire oven.

Camera di cottura sicura e resistente per dar vita alle tue preparazioni

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What accessories can I combine with professional multipurpose ovens?

What accessories can I combine with professional multipurpose ovens?

Different accessories are available such as the automatic washing system kit, multi-point core probe, needle core probe, opposite door, washing hand shower with fittings and attachments, grease filter. It is also possible to involve the Silko multipurpose ovens in a larger project encouraging a better organisation of your kitchen

Can I customise the recipe programs?

Can I customise the recipe programs?

Gastronomy and Compact professional ovens allow you to add and program recipes. This function is available only for the T models from the Star line.

How much maintenance and cleaning do your professional multipurpose ovens require?

How much maintenance and cleaning do your professional multipurpose ovens require?

The automatic washing systems allow keeping Silko multipurpose clean and tidy. These functions help to maintain the integrity of the equipment over time. In addition, the Gastronomy range features a self-diagnosis of functional verification before starting to use the equipment.

Do professional multipurpose ovens adapt to custom built solutions?

Do professional multipurpose ovens adapt to custom built solutions?

Silko professional ovens suit tailor-made projects, as the company aims at providing the customer with customised solutions to suit any need.

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