Washing and cleaning equipment
for professional kitchens

Silko supports professional catering workers by providing kitchens and also work tools that optimize the production cycle. From food storage to cleaning and washing equipment for professional kitchens: a wide range to improve all maintenance operations.

This is why Silko offers its customers digital modern, efficient washing solutions: glass washers, dishwashers, hood dishwashers, trailed basket dishwashers and dishwashers. The whole range features systems and devices conceived to improve hygiene standards, promoting savings in consumption and ensuring high performance. Ease of maintenance, safety and reliability are ensured by the company proven experience. Each range pays attention to consumption saving and safety, ensuring a noiseless operating, quality and a strong design, and guaranteeing the desired result quickly. Optima machines offer you new functions through a convenient LED screen that shows the progress in the washing process and the machine status, providing self-diagnosis of any problems.

Washing and cleaning equipment for professional kitchens


Front loading glasswashers
and dishwashers

Silko offers a wide range of front-loading glasswashers and dishwashers suitable for restaurants, bars, pubs, small and medium-sized hotels.
These are compact, solid and reliable frame machines that can be mono skin (GGS models) or double skin (GDS models), with the great advantage of ensuring a noiseless operating.

As for the control, it is possible to have an electromechanical control panel or touch control. Numerous other options are available such as the softener, the detergent dispenser and the drain pump to customize the machine according to your needs. Glasswashers and dishwashers with top wash versions and heat recovery are also available

Optima II Glasswashers and dishwashers

With Optima II, Silko has created a range of highly performing glasswashers and dishwashers. A great result in efficiency comes from a line of front-loading and double skin equipment with high technical specifications and the ultimate technology.

Optima II glasswashers and dishwashers allow you to work safely and achieving the highest hygiene standards. 3 strong points distinguish these products: they are incredibly versatile, easy to install and equipped with touch controls through a highly intuitive display. The interactive panel guides the operators toward a new experience: its self-diagnosis system shows anomalies, the different cycle steps and the equipment status. In addition, it features an innovative rinsing system at constant temperature and water pressure, regardless of external conditions. In this way, rinsing is guaranteed even with lower water pressures.

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Professional hood-type and
rack conveyor dishwashers


Professional hood-type

Silko has developed the GHT range for medium or large businesses. A range of professional hood dishwashers that allows easy managing even of large loads without losing the main features of this type of equipment: reliability, comfort and noiseless operating.

The line has various models ranging from mechanical to most innovative electronics versions. Moreover, Silko provides a series of other options to complete the product, meeting all different needs.

This type of professional hood dishwasher is designed to reduce and limit energy, water and chemicals consumption. Buying a dishwasher of this series means ensuring daily savings help protect the environment thanks to lower resource use. Versions with softeners and with automatic purifiers are also available. Among the different options, it is possible to have a detergent dispenser or a drain pump.

Optima HT14 professional
hood-type dishwashers

Optima H14 line stands out among Silko professional hood dishwashers range. A machine featured by a system that ensures savings in terms of water, energy and products consumption.

It is a model equipped with the most innovative technologies such as the partial drain: thanks to the standard drain pump, the dirty washing water is drained partially before rinsing. In this way, at each cycle, the water in the tub is cleaner, warmer and already added with rinse aid and detergent partially.

The reduction of consumption does not affect the high-level performance of the machine. The HR version with heat recovery is also available: the Energy Recovery system allows you to recover the steam produced by the machine in operation to preheat the cold water (8-15 ° C). One of the main pluses of the machine is the improvement of the temperature in the work environment, which is no longer saturated by the humidity produced by the machine.

Professional warewashers

GLP Silko professional warewashers allow you to work on large loads in the smallest possible space. Small surfaces are sufficient to make room for machines featured by low operating costs and great effectiveness in washing various tools and pots of different sizes.

GLP professional warewashers use technological equipment that allows you to follow all the washing phases from the control panel simply and intuitively. The display shows the working temperatures, the set washing cycles, the active functions, and a self-diagnosis system.

Professional rack conveyor

Practical, simple, and efficient, Silko professional dishwashers of this line are the leading force behind your daily kitchen work.
The ease of use features both the work phase and the cleaning and maintenance operations.

Highly productive in terms of efficiency, they ensure significant savings in terms of consumption. The handles are ergonomic.

Silko professional rack conveyor dishwashers ensure multiple rinses and come in two series: GRX Compact and GRX Evo. Several accessories are also available for both lines.
GRX Compact machines are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized restaurants offering small overall sizes and guarantee high performance.
The GRX Evo professional dishwashers provide double rinse and feature an electronic panel to get complete and accurate information on the use of the machine. The display with scrolling text shows the current status and provides the data needed, such as boiler and tank temperatures, anomalies and the various programmable settings. The simple use of the panel and the clarity of the information provided make the display an effective means for total control of your professional dishwasher.

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Does Silko assist in the case of failure?

Does Silko assist in the case of failure?

Silko offers its customers a prompt assistance service in the case of failure

How can I choose the professional dishwasher that best suits my needs?

How can I choose the professional dishwasher that best suits my needs?

It is fundamental to consider several factors such as the number of dishes, glasses and dishes to wash and their relative size. Our expert staff is at your disposal to satisfy your request. Contact us!

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