Ingresso Silko

The Main Features of a Reliable Corporate Group: Design and High Performance

Since 1980 Silko has been manufacturing a complete range of Kitchen equipment. SILKO is a prestigious brand specialized in the production of technological and high quality equipment for catering and community facilities. The company was founded in Belluno and ever since, it has aimed at technological innovation and quality excellence with competitive prices. In the new head-office in Vittorio Veneto Silko uses high technological standards that allow a rapid, versatile production steadily improving the historical qualities of its kitchens. This is why many well-known companies in the catering sector choose SILKO. To remain successful over time the company has always focused on a competent team, a careful selection of materials and components, as well as the production of made to measure catering equipment, e.g. customized single blocks. Silko always meets the requirements of the most demanding chefs by offering not only stylish but also robust and reliable kitchen facilities as well as a wide range of equipment for the preparation, storage and distribution of food. Silko wants to be a driver for great chefs by supporting their creativity and inspiration.

ALIGROUP Azienda - Company

A network of Companies to satisfy every production demand.

A GLOBAL LEADER. Ali Group is the largest, most diversified global leader in the foodservice equipment industry. An Italian corporation founded over 52 years ago, the engineering heritage and traditions of several of its companies stretch back more than 100 years and include some of the most respected names in the industry. Ali Group designs, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of equipment used for commercial food cooking, preparation, storage and processing. With 58 manufacturing sites, over 10.000 employees in 33 countries and 77 brands, it gives life to the most extensive product portfolio in the industry, operating in almost every hospitality and catering sector.

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