The single countertop, the emblem of the made-to-measure kitchen

Nowhere is the combination of technology, design and flexibility better demonstrated than in the single countertop, a solution that offers infinite possibilities for customising the kitchen. By choosing their preferred equipment, finishes and colours, each customer can build a workspace in line with their tastes and professional needs, thereby transforming it into a work of art that reflects their identity and creativity.

The professional cooking system with an all-in-one worktop

Ikonico is the cooking system with a modular soul, featuring a totally customised one-piece worktop that combines design and functionality, for maximum expressiveness and creativity in the kitchen.


The kitchen is totally customisable from aesthetics to accessories, thanks to a choice of worktop finishes and side panels. There is also maximum choice in terms of colour, with all variants available in every RAL colour.

The cooking elements of both the gas and electric Essence 700 and 900 modular line can be applied according to your needs.

The kitchen island can have a bridge-like style, with a bolder, more angular design, or with the soft contours of the Essence line, for a more elegant and distinct look

The worktop, made of 304 stainless steel in 20/10 or 30/10 gauge, can be customised in one of two finishes: satin (Scotch Brite) or orbital, with the possibility of creating mirror-polished details.

The worktop guarantees a high level of sanitation by allowing easy and quick cleaning in full compliance with hygiene standards.

Over 20 accessories are available for configuring the cooking island according to your needs. Options include a pot rack, salamander grill with its own shelf, various taps, a handrail, and much more.

Our layout team can give you expert advice on how to design the project that best suits your needs, creating a kitchen that can adapt to any environment, streamline workflows and limit unnecessary movement around the kitchen.

Ikonico Brochure

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