Outdoor cooking facilities, suitable for any environment.

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Exclusive, the outdoor kitchen suited to any environment, distinguishes important events. Ideal for those who need to cook in open spaces, to create an event to tantalize guests.

To support this trend, Silko has created Exclusive, an action station of innovative design to make your events spectacular, which allows guests to interact with the chef, who becomes the protagonist. Exclusive furnishes all kinds of environments with great style - it is available in different colors and configurations depending on the usage required and furthermore distinguishes itself by its wide range of accessories.

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Side shelves

4 shelves with lateral retractable movement. Extra space only when you need it.


Possibility to choose between 2/3 or 4 elements from the proposed combinations.


All-aluminum designed frame, powder coated exterior for greater durability and easy transport.


Easily movable thanks to the built-in wheels.
Exclusive product

The lightness of aluminium
for a new idea of kitchen

We chose the lightness, reliability and recyclability of aluminum and combined it with the purity and sturdiness of steel.
The result is Exclusive, the perfect match for a moveable kitchen that is functionally flawless and aesthetically elegant.

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Exclusive shooting

for catering

Exclusive is the ideal machine for outdoor events, whether weddings or corporate events.
Your catering service will be able to meet customer demands quickly and on-the-go. Flexibility and efficiency, with a touch of show cooking to show your skills and the genuineness of your ingredients.

The outdoors
is its habitat

Exclusive is at its best when it is used outdoors: there are not any places where it cannot be used. Whether at poolside, a mountain home, or immersed in the green of a lawn, it has been designed to resists adverse weather conditions.
You will not have any worries, apart from what to make for your next dish.

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Each Exclusive module has been created 1200 to provide professionality and flexibility for any kind of necessity. Below are the possible combinations.


Exclusive includes in one block all the functions of a classic restaurant kitchen. Quality and careful finishing of the details in an intelligent way will not let you miss anything, despite the compact size.


The standard version of Exclusive is ideal for cooking your dishes, it can be more functional by adding single or double drawers, back panel and back plan to lean and serve your dishes. The gas version includes gas-bottle holder that can be used as countertop or cutting board.

Available accessories  

Drawer kit

Kit of 1 or 2 drawers.

Back plan

Countertop of the same size as the removable aluminum powder coated structure.

Back panel

Rear closure in powder coated aluminum.

Gas-bottle holder

Tank Holder on wheels.

is the protagonist

Outdoor customizable kitchen.
Unlimited shades of colors are available on demand

Choose a color Salt white Golden Dove Gray Green sage

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