Furniture for professional kitchens: the advices of Silko

10 AUGUST 2021

Silko professional kitchens are a symbol of innovation and elegance. They suit any environmentthus meeting all needs. They are made of top-quality stainless steel, feature an innovative design, and guarantee excellent performance. The article explains how to furnish your restaurant with professional kitchens, following the advices of Silko.

Professional stainless steel kitchen furniture: buying guide and tips

A professional kitchen is crucial for a restaurant, and when choosing the furniture, it is essential to carefully evaluate all details, the quality of the materials, and the structure. Here are some advices from Silko, the leading brand in the field of furnishing for professional kitchens.
  • Evaluating the spaces available: this is the first step when furnishing your professional kitchen. First of all, it is essential having the right conditions to move freely in your kitchen as it makes your work easier. The space must be conceived in the best possible way for better movement and time saving during work.
  • Choose only quality equipment: when designing your professional kitchen, choose the furniture components carefully, focusing on quality first. Choosing excellent quality structures and furniture is the best choice. The material suitable for professional kitchens is stainless steel, easy to clean when necessary.
  • Relying on a serious company: this is crucial to make sure you have both the quality and functionality of the work equipment. Silko is a leader in the field, thanks to the best professional kitchens provided that meet all customer’s needs and requirements.

Silko furniture: how to furnish your restaurant

Silko provides minimal and essential professional kitchens, guaranteeing the highest product quality and attention to detail. The wide line Silko professional kitchen furnishing products consists of:

  • Worktables;
  • Sinks and tables;
  • Table cupboards;
  • Specialized tables;
  • Wall units and shelves;
  • Shelves and storage cabinets;
  • Furniture;
  • Accessories;
  • Modular preparation.

Each Silko furniture component suits any workspace allowing maximum functionality. All equipment is certified to furnish any environment: restaurants, pizzerias, butchers, and much more.

Furnishing of professional kitchen: what you shouldn’t do

When choosing the furniture for your professional kitchens, you shouldn’t avoid low-quality products. This is fundamental because your furnishing must be durable over time and ideal for food handling.

Finally, you should pay attention to certifications. This is fundamental when buying professional kitchen equipment. They must comply with current regulations and quality standards.

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