How to use the water loading and unloading kit in gas kitchens.

06 DECEMBER 2022

What is the most effective and fastest system for cleaning our gas kitchen?

The water loading and unloading kit is an accessory for gas kitchens that allows for quicker cleaning of the basins at the end of service.

Thanks to the water flowing into the basin, dirt no longer accumulates on the stainless steel surface, thus preventing buildup and enabling the rapid removal of food residues left on the cooktop.

Let’s see how it works.

The cooktop is equipped with a basin, with a drain for water discharge. The loading system allows for filling a thin layer of water inside the basin.

Through the nozzle located on the basin’s wall, water is released, controlled by a knob on the front dashboard.

Thanks to the overflow, located on the side of the basin, excess water automatically drains out to avoid affecting the pilot flame of the burner body.

The overflow is easily removable to discharge the entire quantity of water from the basin.

The water loading and unloading kit is an accessory to be requested at the time of ordering and is available for the Essence 700 and 900 series gas kitchens.

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