Pasta cookers and baskets

6 MAY 2024

Choosing the pasta cooker baskets may seem like a secondary decision, but it can make the difference between a smooth cooking experience and a real kitchen disaster. That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect baskets based on the dimensions of your pasta cooker and the configurations available.

For pasta cookers with a depth of 700mm, there are up to 9 different configurations available, depending on whether the well is positioned frontally or laterally:

Front well 700
Transverse well 700
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If your pasta cooker has a depth of 900mm or 1100mm, you can choose from a maximum of 15 different configurations, depending on the position of the well, which can be frontal or lateral.

Front well 900/1100
Transverse well 900/1100
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Choosing the right pasta cooker baskets may seem like a trivial task, but with our guide, you’ll be sure to make the best choice to improve your culinary experience. Happy cooking

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